We feel stress when we experience situations or events that put pressure on us, or when we are involved with situations or events over which we have little or no control. Stress is not a medical condition by itself but prolonged stress can easily lead to the serious conditions of depression and anxiety. The physical symptoms of stress very commonly are tiredness, headache, sleeplessness and upset stomach.

Very commonly people find undergoing events of change to be stressful, such as moving house, redundancy, starting a new job, divorce, starting a family,  getting married etc. Unfortunately modern life inflicts change upon us rapidly and profoundly and it is well-acknowledged that modern life is increasingly stressful.

Everyone is different and reacts to things differently, so a situation or event that causes you great stress might leave someone else entirely unaffected. Conversely you might be completely fine with some situation or event that causes another person to be very stressed indeed. The point is that you should never compare how you are dealing with the situations or events that are causing you stress to how you imagine someone else you know might deal with them.


The talking therapies that I offer are extremely effective at helping you deal with stress and clients usually report huge relief at being able to speak about their stress with a trained professional. The hypnosis that I offer is also very helpful at combatting stress, especially in situations where an upcoming event such as public speaking or an exam or a driving test is the cause of the stress. Regular hypnosis can also help you to reduce tension and ease stress on a more long-term basis.