Hypnotherapy is hypnosis used for therapeutic purposes. It encourages the subconscious mind to find solutions to problems, and to change thinking patterns and behaviour. It is a powerful technique that can change negative beliefs and help you to achieve your goals. It is natural, safe and effective and allows you to reach a state of deep relaxation, increased focus and heightened awareness. When in hypnosis you are not asleep and are completely aware of the words being spoken to you. Hypnosis cannot make you do or say anything that you don't want to.


Hypnotherapy can be used to assist with and treat a variety of psychological conditions, life problems, anxieties and unwanted habits. Examples of where hypnotherapy is helpful include phobias, pain, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, stress, anger, tension headaches, weight loss and stopping smoking. In addition, if you wish to enhance your performance, whether at work, in sport or in creative arts - or simply wish to improve your general confidence - hypnotherapy can be beneficial. It can help you gain new insights, become more aware of your inner resources, or even kick-start a new regime.


Before your first session you will have a welcome chat and a chance to ask any questions about the process and to get comfortable.

The hypnotherapy session begins with a technique to establish physical and mental relaxation. I will speak to you in a way that calms you and gets you to focus your attention on your thoughts and feelings. This has the effect of slowing down your conscious mind and bringing to the fore your subconscious mind (the abstract part of you which dreams, holds your memory and inner resources for healing).

Everyone experiences hypnosis differently, but most people describe it as feeling like a pleasant daydream.

Once you are calm, I will proceed to deepen your relaxed state using visualisation techniques. The deeper the relaxed state you achieve the more successfully you can benefit from the therapy.

The therapy starts with me putting to you beneficial and helpful suggestions that are transformed by your subconscious mind into potential realities. I don't tell you what to do, rather I suggest ways and possibilities of achieving the change or goal that you are seeking.

Once the therapy is complete I begin the transition during which you are brought out of hypnosis, feeling alert, calm and energised and with ample time for you to ask any questions you may have. It is usual that the feelings of calm and relaxation brought about by the hypnosis persist after the session has ended.