A phobia is an irrational fear. Phobias affect many people and can have a massive impact on a person's life. Phobias are in most cases caused by stressful or traumatic events, or are learned from a family member; an example of this would be a child seeing a parent have a phobic reaction (i.e. an irrational over-reaction) to a mouse or spider or perhaps to having to take a flight. This trigger event and reaction gets locked into a child's inner belief system and therefore becomes an automatic response. However, if you ask a person how their phobia started, they can seldom remember, and they feel as if they have always had the phobia. Common phobias include snakes, spiders, needles, lifts, hospitals, dentists, flying and public speaking.

Often people try to deal with their phobias by avoiding situations that give rise to them, but this can involve making significant changes to their lives and usually will make their lives more difficult.

I use techniques that are successful at removing phobias and fears that have held you back or made your life difficult, by reducing the associated anxiety and deleting the triggers, thereby letting you move on to a happier and easier life.