As well as offering telephone appointments and video appointments via WhatsApp, Skype and FaceTime, I am continuing to see clients for face-to-face appointments during the current Covid-19 situation. All face-to-face appointments take place in line with the legal requirements and governmental guidance currently in force.

In order to keep therapy sessions as safe as possible the following procedures are in place:

- My therapy room is kept well-ventilated and is disinfected before each therapy session begins. Hand sanitiser is available for clients' use upon arrival

- I am no longer allowed to offer clients water during therapy sessions so I ask that clients bring their own refreshments

- Clients who suspect that they may have Covid-19, or have this confirmed, must let me know immediately and must not attend any scheduled face-to-face therapy appointments with me. The same applies to clients who are informed that they have been in contact with a person having a confirmed case of Covid-19. In such cases I will offer clients the chance to replace their face-to-face therapy appointments with either telephone appointments or remote video appointments via WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime, until such time as they are able to resume face-to-face appointments

- In the event that I contract Covid-19 or am advised that I have been in contact with a person having a confirmed case of Covid-19, I will advise all current clients who may have been placed at risk and I must also pass their contact details to the relevant contact-tracing authorities. No other information will be passed on - in particular the fact that you are attending therapy sessions will not be passed on, nor the reasons for your undergoing therapy