Anxiety is a very common condition whereby the normal human feelings of fear, worry, trepidation and unease become so strong that they affect a person's mental and physical wellbeing. It is common to feel tense, nervous or fearful at the thought of a stressful or difficult event or decision which you must face, especially if it could have a big effect on your life. Some examples include exams, going into hospital, job interviews, moving house, getting married or ending a relationship. In such situations it is perfectly normal and understandable to worry about possible outcomes and ordinarily such worries will dissipate once the situation has passed.

When fear, worry, trepidation and unease come to dominate your thoughts you are suffering from anxiety. Allowed to grow unchecked and untreated, anxiety can quickly become a very serious problem and can be extremely debilitating and emotionally painful, and have an enormous effect on your life. Signs that anxiety is a problem for you include: your feelings of fear, worry etc. are very strong and last for a long time, such feelings that you have are out of proportion to the situation causing them, you avoid situations that cause you to have such feelings, you get no respite from the feelings, your feelings are very distressing or hard to control, your sleep is disrupted by your feelings, and they cause you to have panic attacks.

Anxiety is a very difficult thing to live with and can end up controlling your life. It is exhausting and takes its toll on both your mental and physical health. If you are suffering with anxiety I can help. I will teach you to develop the ability to access the relaxed state of mind needed to overcome the overwhelming emotions that come with anxiety and to give you a much-needed break from it.

I will teach you anxiety-reducing techniques and good habits to lessen the severity of your anxiety and to help you to control it. I will also work with you to identify the root causes of your anxiety, which is the key to eliminating it.