It is normal to feel irritation, frustration or anger sometimes. These feelings become a problem when they are triggered too easily and when they are extreme and disproportionate to the situation and events that have caused them.

Extreme anger can lead to physical symptoms such as high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke, as well as to emotional symptoms such as anxiety and depression. Unsurprisingly, extreme anger has a huge impact on family, friends and colleagues too.

You cannot always control the situations and events that might provoke your anger, but you can learn to manage and control how you respond to them, through Anger Management counselling. This aims to reduce the severity of your response, making extreme anger far less likely. This is done by exploring possible triggers for your anger and identifying any underlying issues you might have which make you prone to anger.


I will work with you to identify why you get angry, change the way you respond to anger, and teach you skills to handle anger effectively. During anger management therapy you will learn to communicate less aggressively and to replace angry and aggressive instinctive responses to provocative events and situations by constructive, non-damaging responses. You will learn to understand the causes of your anger and to set it in context. I will teach you how to pinpoint your irritations and frustrations early on so you can remain calm and in control, whilst expressing your needs or point of view.

If you really want to change then I will help you control your anger and create a happier and more balanced life for you and others around you.